After years of pushing Java I think its time to let go !!!

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

Hi there , As the title suggests I think its time to let go of Java . We have found over the last year or so more and more people are getting infected by Java exploits and as a result are having to spend their hard earned money in getting it sorted. Our answer to people who want to keep it is make sure it is kept up to date at all times or else suffer the fate of many who just ignore that annoying reminder at the bottom right hand side of you monitor.

In general we only used to put Java on machines when we installed Open Office or now Libre Office but as we have found recently they don’t need it any more to function. Obviously Java is needed on machines that run other Java dependant applications but for the majority of home based machines that we have encountered it is unnecessary.

When java is uninstalled and you want to run Open or Libre Office the program might give warnings that it needs it but from our experience just ignore it and you’ll find it works fine. Now if you have any programs that need Java like bespoke management software for business and alike we do not suggest that you just uninstall it. An example of this is a database parts system we have to support at a motorbike shop and our main concern is that by having a certain java version on a system that makes the database work properly but can render the computer a security risk while online. Balancing this issue is difficult and something that needs to be considered carefully especially in relation to the Data Protection Act.

All this aside if you are fed up with the constant ask to update your Java software and don’t need it – don’t ignore it – uninstall it. All at your own risk of course. Also recommend running something like CCleaner and a virus check after as well.

I hope that all made sense and if you are at all unsure about uninstalling Java and need a hand then please don’t hesitate to give us a call to clarify any of this on 07949279332 or 01484860018

Graham Hallas and the team at The IT Surgery.

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