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Computer Setup and go£65 (Especially useful for new Windows 10 users)
We know a lot of people are not confident enough in setting up their new machine for first use. We have thought of everything here, from personalisation of your brand new computer, to protection against viruses and other online nasties. “Computer Setup” includes the lot.  Also a lot of people are finding the new Windows 8 operating system very awkward and difficult to master , we can help in many ways with this. One of the biggest moans we hear people say is that there is no classic desktop menu forcing people to use the new tiles, we can install a classic menu that you are used to  in Xp, Vista and Windows 7.

Full System Optimise£65
A comprehensive MOT for your PC or laptop. This includes a heavy duty virus and malicious software check and clean. We will also make sure  all of your machine’s software is right up to date and the service also includes a range of software designed to keep your machine safe and smart in the future.

Full System Re-install£85 (Incorporating the Full System Optimise and Data transfer)
Sometimes a virus infection or serious corruption of a windows system can permanently leave a PC open to hacking and a reinstall is the only option. A full system reinstall involves backing up as much of your personal data we can extract, wipe your hard drive clean, re-install your operating system and with all the relevant updates and drivers. We then put your personal data back . This service includes the full system optimise i.e. a dedicated range of software designed to keep your machine safe and smart in the future.

Data Transfer£45
We can transfer your files, photos, music and videos from your old computer to your new computer, safely and securely.

Data Destruction£40
We can securely destroy all files and records from your computers hard drive.

All of above is just the main things we carry out, we can / will attempt to repair anything computer related so for anything else please feel free to send us a message, ring us on 01484 860018 or pop in to our workshop in Scissett.

Apple Mac Servicing

Please dont hesitate to contact us if you need help with your Mac. We can give you a realistic and responsible response to what ever situation and hopefully resolve any problems you have with your beloved Mac

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